Liz (sohhyeon) wrote,

happy birthday to me...

What a fantabulous long weekend. Quite busy too, but so much fun. Saturday was spent strolling around on the mall at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, where it was way too hot and the most interesting thing to see was a tractor with huge wheels. Sunday, Erik took me to Ocean City, where the term "redneck" was quickly and amazingly re-defined for me. All I know now, is that its simply not enough to be a 300 pound man with the skin the color of a tomato, lots of biker tattoos and a cigarette dangling out the side of your mouth- you need the confederate flag towel draped off of your balcony too. Also, there should be a legal limit to which people are allowed to walk around wearing just shorts or bikini tops. *shudder* OC was lots of fun though... I felt like a kid with ADHD who forgot to take his meds that morning. So many lights and games and more lights... Needless to say, lots of skeeball was played. 
Today (well, yesterday) was spent together in Baltimore. Yay for aquariums! Uhm, not much else to report on that one... fish are fish. Now, for some reason it's 3 am and I'm not a bit sleepy. I've been 19 for 3 hours and it feels just the same as being 18. Not so "barely legal" anymore. 

I'm going to watch "Independence Day" for the millionth time on tv. 

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