Liz (sohhyeon) wrote,

time for another update

Whew. It's the first early night I've had in quite some time. It's nice being at home, chilling out on the couch in pajamas, watching "Rocketman" (possibly the stupidest movie ever created) with my dad. Mother dearest has been in LA and Seattle all week and it's been almost fun keeping house. The whole making dinner every night and cleaning up part could be more enjoyable, but oh well, c'est bon. 
In recent news, work is going well. All of my co-workers are really chill and everyone gets along quite well. Not too many horror stories, at least, nothing that one wouldn't expect. I realized today that my birthday is in less than 2 weeks. Weird. Very weird. Pity that the 19th year doesn't have any particular signifigance. Then again, my 18th was spent in Amsterdam, the #1 city where age REALLY doesn't have much meaning. It'll be nice to be home for bbqs and people I love... mmm.

Life is good.
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