Liz (sohhyeon) wrote,



Once upon a time a man looked up at the sky and saw exactly what he expected to see

The saddest day of his life

Was when he stopped dreaming and instead, believing

Shapes and patterns faded into orbit

Clouds passed and unfurled in front of his eyes

Leaving the clear crisp night exposed and

Naked for the eye to see

He bent down and cried

On his knees, bowed to the heavens above

Unable to understand why this gift had passed him by

It had all been so diluted until yesterday

Caught in his fear, twisted and tangled

Where did all those questions go?

That longing to explore and know

Replaced questions with answers

To those riddles which are never meant to be solved

Did you see the face of the man

Perched high in the sky with that top hat

No, he vanished with the coming of the years

To this day he drifts along no longer aware

Is it magic?

Perhaps once, it was. 
There's no such thing.

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